Tips to Make the Living Room Look Luxurious

Tips to Make the Living Room Look Luxurious

The appearance of the living room becomes an attractive spot for future guests. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people choose the appearance of a luxurious living room like the concept of luxury in the interior of the room. All interior concepts such as minimalism can display luxurious accents as well. Here are tips to make the living room look luxurious:

1. Light

Lights are the most important part in influencing the interior appearance of the room. You can use a skylight as above to create a luxurious accent in your living room. The ceiling lamp as above is very suitable to be placed in a room with a high ceiling in the living room. If you don’t want to use a lamp on the ceiling, you can use a floor lamp with a design that fits your interior concept. In addition to lights, you can use warm white lighting to make it look more luxurious.

2. Carpet

The use of carpet is very suitable as a floor decoration. With quality materials, this rug is comfortable to use and easy to clean. The attractive design makes the room look more luxurious. In addition to the design above, you can use a plain carpet with velvet material to give a luxurious accent. Don’t forget to match the carpet design with the color of the walls and room furniture, Ruppers.

3. Sofa

Each living room must be equipped with a seat or sofa. You can choose the number of sofa seats and the desired design. To get a luxurious accent, you can use a sofa with leather or velvet material. For color, luxury accents are usually given by dark colors or white. So do not be surprised if we often find dark colored sofas. Not only luxurious, dark colored sofas are not easily dirty. The combination of the sofa and the right lighting will certainly support a luxurious accent in your living room.

4. Wall

In the use of walls, you can use any color. However, it is better to use only 1 color with ornaments such as the wall above with rectangular ornaments so that it does not give a flat accent on the wall. You can adjust the use of ornaments to the interior concept. If you use a lot of colors on the walls of your living room, the accents given will be too crowded and don’t give a luxurious accent. In addition to color, you can attach glass to the wall to make the room look more spacious and majestic.

5. Table

You can use a table that is not too large. This guest table is made of a combination of stainless steel frames with a table surface made of marble, making your room seem more luxurious, elegant and beautiful. In addition to the table design above, you can use a table with other designs and other colors, such as with wood material. But don’t let the table you choose have a larger size than the sofa, because it’s not good if the table looks bigger than the sofa you have.