Living Room Design Tips To Make It Look Charming

Living Room Design Tips To Make It Look Charming

The living room is an important part of the home area. Every house must have a minimalist, glamorous or luxurious living room design. Some people have limited land to build a house and this causes homeowners to be smart in arranging the interior of all rooms in the house, including the living room. Here are some living room design tips to make it look charming:

Living Room Design

1. Color Game

You need to play with color by applying certain colors as the base color of the walls or combining several colors to give a different impression to the viewer. Usually people choose white to make the room look more spacious. In addition to giving a broad impression, white also gives a clean impression. You can combine white with other colors such as purple or pastel colors. You can use this color for the basic color of the walls and household furniture in the living room. For some people white may be a bit boring if it is not paired with other colors. You can use a color that contrasts with white as a barrier with other rooms.

2. Tiny Furniture

The way that you can apply to make the living room look wider is to be selective in choosing the furniture that you will use in the living room. Furniture with a minimalist model is very helpful in maximizing a narrow area. Too many items with a large size can give the impression of being cluttered and claustrophobic. Choose furniture that is small in size and does not take up too much space. Be careful in choosing the sofa, cupboard and table lamp that will be placed in the living room. Consider the size, model and color. You can also add vertical paintings that can add an elegant impression, so that the living room looks fresher, add plants or a vase filled with flowers.

3. Appropriate Furniture Placement

Place the furniture in the right place and pay attention to the living room, whether it tends to be elongated or rectangular. If the living room has an elongated model, then it’s a good idea to put the sofa opposite or parallel. For a rectangular living room, it’s a good idea to put a sofa with a rectangular corner technique. You can use the sofa as a barrier between one room and another if there is no partition. You can also put a rug to give guests a relaxed impression.