6 Unique Ideas for Minimalist Bathroom Design

6 Unique Ideas for Minimalist Bathroom Design

Without you knowing it, the bathroom stores trivial things faster and more than any other room in the house. Half a bottle of shampoo lining the edge of the tub, an old toothbrush sitting in the glass beside the sink, face cream, skin care, hair products, and maybe some bar soap under the sink. If that feels very familiar, it’s time to turn your bathroom into a minimalist space. However, applying a design with a minimalist concept to the bathroom can be a little confusing for those of you who have never been. Here are some ideas to make changes and inspire to design a messy bathroom to be more neat and minimalist.

White Bathroom

Neutral colors such as gray and white are the colors you should choose for the bathroom walls. Also, use other neutral colors throughout the space as accents. These colors make the bathroom feel open and bright, which is even better if you have a window in the bathroom to increase light exposure.

Avoid Storing Too Much Items

Just because you have extra storage space in the bathroom doesn’t mean you should put things you don’t need in there. Giving a little space and using only what you really need is the most important thing to get a minimalist concept in the bathroom.

Simple Decoration and Accent

The accent that wants to wake up in a minimalist bathroom is the essence of beauty and functionality, where there is no place for objects that have no purpose. Make sure that small things like towel racks, soap and shampoo bottles, or even toilet brushes and doormats are in a neat and functioning place.

Clean Up a Messy Bathroom

Mess is the thing you should stay away from if you want to apply the minimalist concept. The main key to getting a minimalist bathroom style is to remove this. Some things you have to do for the bathroom include cleaning and throwing away all used liquid soap and shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, leftover soap bars, to combs that are everywhere. In addition, excessive decorations that hang and sometimes you don’t notice on the shelves in the bathroom should also be cleaned.